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Treatment of Pyometra In Dogs

Written By Wulanto Burhan on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 5:58:00 PM

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Treatment of pyometra in dogs requires special skill, almost all veterinarians have the expertise to Indonesia's. At the first lecture, our veterinarians are trained by our lecturers in order to perform surgery techniques ovario hysterektomi a good and safe for dogs. Universities in Indonesia are not many vets print, the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB alumnus author force happen to 31), Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM), University of Banda Aceh Syahkuala (Unsyah), and Udayana University in Bali.

Let me try to explain about pyometra in dogs. Pyometra in dogs is an abnormal condition in the womb of a dog, where there are deposits of pus in it. Pyometra itself caused by a hormonal imbalance and the presence of bacterial infection. Provision of progesterone and estrogen preparations may lead to pyometra. The function of progesterone is to maintain the pregnancy the fetus itself, so the presence of high progesterone in the body in dogs that are not pregnant, causing foreign material including pus in the uterus or womb is considered an embryo or fetus. While the pus in the uterus was due to the manifestation of the presence of bacteria, could be due to Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, streptococcus, proteus Pseudomonas and other bacteria that can cause pus.

Clinical symptoms of pyometra

Clinical symptoms of pyometra is especially striking or patognomonis is pus discharge from the female genitals and if palpable abdominal seem bigger. Other symptoms that appear in dogs is a form of lethargy (weakness), depression, anorexia, polyuria, polydipsia, mucosal pallor, diarrhea, weight loss, constipation, and vomiting. In addition lust cycle in dogs is not normal.

Diagnosis of Pyometra

At an open pyometra would be easy for the diagnosis of the discharge of foul-smelling yellow slimy female genitalia, sometimes bleeding also. As for the closed pyometra is rather difficult to diagnose because it is often confused with pregnancy in dogs, to ensure there is a closed pyometra then we need ultrasound equipment and testing of white blood cells.

Treatment of Pyometra

Treatment of pyometra in dogs is more difficult than in cattle, since there is no artificial insemination gun is able to bypass the cervix dog. If it happens then we can mengirigasi disapi uterus with the antiseptic and antibiotic penetration via prostaglandins and the uterus with the help of IB shet plastic gun. But if a dog can not, the only solution is surgical removal of the womb of a dog. Because surgical removal of the uterus is then we need xylazin and ketamine anesthesia and is performed in general anesthesia. Hysterectomy was carried out as quickly as possible before the conscious dog. The success of this operation depends on the dog's immune system itself, usually a dog that has pyometra the condition is rather weak. Postoperative care should also be intensive and well controlled every day. In the treatment we have to control secondary bacterial infections of wounds and control so that flies do not settle on the incision. Besides, the dog must also be given nutritious food and a place in the stable, dry and not humid.

The most dangerous thing in dogs that had pyometra is a state of sepsis, where bacteria are contained pus dirahim spread throughout the dog's body and eventually cause death in dogs.

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