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Treatment of Warts or Papilomatosis in Dogs

Written By Wulanto Burhan on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 | 7:23:00 AM

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Warts disease in dogs or in the medical name papilomatosis is contagious viral disease in young dogs and is accompanied by a wild growth of warts on the skin or mucous membranes. In addition to the dogs, wart disease is also found in other animals such as cats, chickens, cows, sheep etc.. Because this disease is a viral disease caused by a virus is the cause. So with any kind of antibiotic treatment can not cure it. Treatment can be done is to use the materials to be used as vaccines warts autoimune.

Clinical symptoms of

Clinical symptoms of the disease warts are warts on the body of the growth areas, especially mouth dogs, with an incubation period (the entry of germs until the onset of disease symptoms) about 1-2 months. And keep in mind that the disease is highly contagious from one dog to another. So for those dog owners who have dogs and one of them a lot of wart disease or papilmatosis this then should be to be separated from the healthy dogs. Warts on dogs is starting to grow on the outside of the lips as small lumps, pale and rough. Then it will quickly form warts on mucous membranes, cheeks, lips, tongue, palate to pharyngeal mucous membrane in the dog. The form of warts or papillomas as a cauliflower. Because warts growing areas around the mouth and then the dog will find it hard to eat and downs affect appetite dog, besides the remains of food the dog will slip and cause warts on the mouth odor dogs suffering.

Warts Disease Pathogenesis Journey

The entry into a dog wart disease comes from outside, could be due to the presence of other dogs infected with warts or indirectly through intermediary objects contaminated with the virus. Papilloma or wart is formed consisting of mesenchymal tissue and epidermis.

Diagnosis of Warts

To wart disease diagnosis can be based on clinical and histological examination of the skin or wart tissue.

Treatment of warts or papilomatosis

Wart disease can be cured by using a technique autoimune by making a suspension of the vaccine wart tissue, and then we make warts vaccine alone was then injected into a dog person.

Then for the prevention of wart disease in dogs that have not been infected with warts can also be done by using a vaccine that we created earlier, and usually will lead to immunity for 6 months.

So hopefully useful.

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