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How To Take Care Dog Wound

Written By Wulanto Burhan on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 8:55:00 PM

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Wounds in dogs can be caused by trauma with sharp objects or fighting, then we as owners would have to know how to treat wounds on the dog so as not to cause a prolonged infection. Caring for injured dogs are basically the same as treating wounds in humans and drugs can also be used together. Broadly divided into 2 wound up old wounds and new wounds. Looking at the history of old wounds that have become pus means that the injury had occurred a bacterial infection so the healing process takes a bit long and painstaking, the following steps:

  1. The first step is the muzzle of a dog tied to a rope, to maintain our security in order not bitten by a dog, or if done by two people, then one person must handle the dog not to bite us. This was done because the dog will feel pain when we treat and feared would attack us.
  2. Hair clippers that exist around the wound site, then clean the wound with cotton pus in dogs that have been dipped or moistened with warm water to clean.
  3. Remove the pus from the wound fluid material by using scissors or other tool, clean it using cotton wool soaked in warm water.
  4. Then wash with 70% alcohol
  5. The next step is administration of antibiotics, we can use sulfanilamid or  penstrep be had use for humans. Sprinkle antibiotics in the wound area.
  6. After administration of antibiotics is completed we then give betadine or iodine tincture on wounds with intent to bind to antibiotics remained attached to the wound, in addition to functioning as a betadine antiseptic for external wounds.
  7. Dressing with a bandage on the wound by using cotton and gauze to avoid the invasion of flies.
  8. Keep the dog does not lick the wound, do it by making a necklace of plastic buckets and kalungkan dileher dog.
  9. Giving antibiotics and anti-inflammatory injection needs to be done if the wound becomes septic with a characteristic temperature increased and decreased appetite, if not indicate that antibiotics via injection is not necessary.

As for the new injury is almost the same in principle, only if she was bleeding profusely then a bullet we do first is stop the bleeding blood vessel pressing on it, and give vitamin K to accelerate blood clotting. Controlling the wound should be performed every day to check progress injuries. And should the dog do not play in the wet spot, it would be if it were isolated in a cage.


Wound treatment is valid if you feel confident that the dog was injured because of a sharp object, but if it is caused due to a fight then it should be brought to a veterinarian to avoid the undesirable things such as rabies and other diseases that are zoonotic.

So hopefully useful.

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Posted by: Wulanto Burhan
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