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Causes Dogs Will be Not Eating

Written By Wulanto Burhan on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 8:46:00 PM

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There are several factors causing the dog would not eating. This condition is very dangerous if the incident continues. Appetite is usually a clinical symptom of a disease, but did not rule because of changes in diet, vitamin deficiencies, intestinal worms and stress in dogs.

Causes Dogs Won't Eat :

Dog Disease

Dog disease that causes loss of appetite usually occurs in diseases that attack the digestive system. Digestive system from mouth to anus. Disturbances in the oral cavity and teeth of a dog or a foreign object ingestion can also cause the dog would not eat. Then stomach ulcers or gastritis, enteritis, pancreatitis, intestinal constipation and other digestive tract diseases also cause the dog would not eat. Besides, metabolic disease and renal disease (chronic or acute nephritis intertitialis, medulo nephritis) can also cause the dog would not eat.

Effect of Vaccination In Dogs

Vaccination in dogs greatly affect appetite in dogs, this is because the body's response to form immune dog, the dog will usually fever. But do not worry it will pass and the dog's appetite will return gradually to normal.

Vitamin Defisensi.

In the dog daily vitamin and mineral needs for survival. Lack of vitamin B1-B6-B12 (B-complex) in dogs can cause decreased appetite. Vitamin B1 serves as an appetite enhancer, B6 to function as an enhancer of red blood cells and B12 are useful for treating nervous, but these vitamins work together in synergy and mutual support.

Worms In Dogs

In many cases, especially intestinal worms in dogs worms oxyuris (severe cases) causes appetite in dogs to be dropped. This may be caused by impaired absorption of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals by intestinal worms in dogs.

Stress In Dogs

Stress in dogs is usually due to a change in temperature, changes in the environment, gets the harsh treatment and hormonal factors. This stress can lead to loss of appetite in dogs. The pressure of a certain pressure causes central nervous eating in the lateral hypothalamus nucleus becomes impaired.

Allergy In Dogs

Many cases due to the incidence of food allergies make the dog would not eat. Hypersensitivity reactions to drugs can make the dog would not eat.

Dog Behavior Problems

Feeding behavior of each dog is similar to humans, there are hobbies that do not eat any food hobby. If this is the problem it is advisable to look for his favorite food.

To treat loss of appetite or the dog would not eat it first check the details cause. Cure rates of dogs who have decreased appetite depends on the type of disease affecting dogs and cats staying power, because every dog ​​is different.

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